Update to the API Builder Developer Tool

With the 2018 update to the User Interface, the API Builder Developer Tool has also received some updates. Previously you were limited to pre-formatted selections from the drop down menu to build your request. Now you can enter your own parameters without having to use the drop down, including copying and pasting your XML or Read more

Improved Exporting of Usage Reports

With the 2018 update to the Usage Reports, there are new options for exporting your usage data. In the top right of the usage report, you can now find a button to export your report to an XLSX file.  

How to Drag N Drop Source Files via the User Interface

Uploading source files from your desk has never been easier. When starting a new job, simply drag and drop your source file from your desktop to any int the portion of the window shown below. You file upload will start immediately.  

How Upload Multiple Sources via the User Interface

The 2018 update of the user interface now supports the ability to add multiple source files. Here’s how.  Once you’ve added your first source, just hit the plus sign in the top right of the window. A new dialogue will appear to add your next source. The first image below shows where to add multiple Read more

How to Create a Desktop Watch Folder

THIS FEATURE IS DEPRECATED AND NO LONGER AVAILABLE. If you are using a Windows PC and have a consistent workflow of video that you need to encode, here is a simple solution for you. Our Ultra-Fast Desktop Uploader, powered by Aspera’s FASP technology is a simple to use app that speeds up ingest of your Read more

Simple Presets for Roku Player

  You can easily configure videos for use with your Roku set-top box using one of the Roku presets on Encoding.com. Simply choose a preset, then set a destination location for the output files and you’re done. See below for details and screenshots.   Roku Preset for Single Bitrate Output After uploading your source video Read more