What are the best Flash video frame dimensions?

Video codecs perform best when the frame width and height use multiples of 16. While you can use any width and height in your encoding settings, non-optimal dimensions can result in poor image quality and reduced frame rate. For the best image quality and playback, you should always use width and height dimensions that use Read more

How do I use the crop feature? Do you have some sample values?

To crop, you simple specify how many pixels will be cut from each side (left, top, right, bottom) of the original frame size. Once cropped, the resulting frame size will be resized and centered to fit output size (if necessary), as usual. Example: the source file size is 704×576, and we want to crop 10 Read more

When should I use the ProcessMedia API call?

The ProcessMedia action should only be used for media that has been added with the AddMediaBenchmark call. After the media was downloaded, it will receive a ‘Ready to process‘ status, after which the processing is resumed using ProcessMedia.

What should go in the “user key” field?

When using the XML API, two parameters are sent in the XML query to authenticate the request: User ID and API User Key. You can view the User ID and API User Key in the “My Account” tab, found in the User Interface. The API User Key can be changed at anytime from there, by Read more

Could I Submit a XML Query Through a Web-browser?

Yes, there is a simple web-form to send XML requests: http://manage.encoding.com/send_xml.php Copy and paste, or type, the XML request into the form there to have the system push your job. The web page will not submit the XML if there are any syntax issues.

What should I enter in the Notify field?

In the Notify field you can use either mailto: link or the URL of your script. When your Media is finished, an HTTP POST request with will be sent to the specified location. Please refer to the API docs for details of POST request data format.