How does the notification system for errors work?

Interested in keeping tabs on your existing workflow? Need better error reporting? We've added a feature to help track errors to our existing API. Add the following to your XML: You'll receive information if there are errors with your encodes, post-download to the platform.  Keep in mind that you can only have 1 email Read more

Can I receive a notification only on errors?

To receive a notification only where a job errors, designate a URL or email address for <notify_encoding_errors>, you will receive information when a job contains errors. This is in additon to the regular <notify> field for completion of all job processes. 

How can I use GetStatus extended mode?

Reduce your request rates per second with this handy workflow. Need to find out the status of many mediaIDs at once? .. plus their task ID? … plus their STATUS? Request: Response:

Can you explain the Message Codes?

Let's take a look at typical XML repsonse to fully understand Message Codes.  In this example, line 4 contains the MessageCode 2.1. Let's skip to the chart below the XML to read more about the types of MessageCodes exist. The XML response statuses codes are broken down into 4 categories, Common Errors (I), AddMedia Read more

Can I have multiple notifications via API?

Unforuntely at this time, the notifications via api field only allows one URL or email address. This can be either an HTTP(S) URL for the script with which the result will be posted, or a mailto: link with email address for which the result info will be sent. Note that this field may be specified Read more

What happens after I use the AddMediaBenchmark call via API?

If you added your media using AddMediaBenchmark API call and if you also specified <notify&gt parameter, you will receive a notification when the media has been downloaded and ready for further processing. Note that you must specify at least one <format&gt for this media in order it gets the ‘Ready to process’ status and you Read more

How could I receive real time status updates for my encoding tasks?

If you're wishing to obtain more information about the jobs that you have submitted to our encoding platform, please take a look at the follow calls:   progress progress_current time_left time_left_current These flags are pulled from the main XML file as indicated below: TotalTimeLeft is an estimated time until the media processing would be finished StatusTimeLeft is Read more