Uploading from Microsoft Azure

In this section, we explain how you can upload and import video source files from the Microsoft Azure Storage service (http://www.windowsazure.com) into your encoding.com account.   Making preparations To upload video files from your Azure account, you will need your Azure Shared Key and Account name. Follow these steps:   In the Azure Management Console, Read more

Do you support Microsoft Azure Blog as source or destination?

If you would like to user Microsoft Azure Blob storage as a source or destination, please follow these simple steps: – Use a standard URL to access a source or destination locatlon: http(s)://[access_key]@[account].blob.core.windows.net/[container]/path – Ensure to URL encode any special characters within the access_key  Here is one example of a properly constructed URL: http://P9DM47UTCF%2BQJZXl0uWy28J4jBdgnYv0SJPh%2FR%2AWCFOLPTBHuyeXtMfDOU75Wd0Yl2xm67vVTYGVAWSEDRdcw%3D%3D@[account].blob.core.windows.net/encoding/file.ext Special Read more