How to set up Akamai HLS Ingest

How to use Live Transcoding with Akamai Media Services Akamai HLS Ingest allows you to deliver live HLS streams to devices running iOS 3 and higher and Android 4 and higher. With’s Live Transcoding features Akamai is able to deliver your live stream to users around the world. Setting up Akamai account Log in Read more

Microsoft Smooth Streaming

  Microsoft Smooth Streaming (MSS) is an extension to IIS Media Services that provides the capability for adaptive streaming of video media over HTTP. MSS is complaint with 3GPP, MPEG and DECE adaptive bit-rate standards for HTTP streaming. As with the other types of adaptive bitrate streaming, MSS can dynamically adjust movie playback quality to match the available speed of wired or Read more

Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming

  HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS) enables both on-demand and live adaptive bitrate video transmittal of MP4 media over typical HTTP connections. HDS is an open-format solution that allows online media publishers to leverage existing network and cache facilities to deliver media to the Adobe Flash Platform with high efficiency. As with the other types of Read more

Apple HTTP Live Streaming

  HTTP Live Streaming lets you send live or pre-recorded audio and video to any iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, or Mac—using an ordinary web server. Designed for mobility, HTTP live streaming can dynamically adjust movie playback quality to match the available speed of wired or wireless networks. You can use to create iOS streaming files Read more

What are my options for streaming HDS content from

  To stream HDS content from you have four options: 1. Flash Media Server on Dedicated Server 2. Flash Media Server on AWS CloudFront or other CDN that support HDS. 3. Wowza 4. Apache with Adobe Origins plugin HDS will work on AWS CloudFront only via their special Flash Media Server subscription. See Read more

Using Microsoft’s Smooth Streaming (MSS) with

Microsoft's Smooth Streaming (MSS) To stream media over HTTP using Microsoft's Smooth Streaming protocol chose the “Smooth Streaming” preset from the client interface, watch folder, or API. NOTE: Because the Smooth Streaming output creates multiple files from a single source file you have the option to tar the output tar = yes, in which Read more

Using Adobe’s HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS) with

To stream on-demand media over HTTP using Adobe's HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS) protocol chose the preset “Dynamic Streaming” from the client interface/watch folder, or the parameter “HDS” from the API. NOTE: To use Adobe's HDS, the source media must be in MP4, FV4, or FLV compatible formats.  Please transcode your video into one Read more

Smooth Streaming Template

<?xml version=”1.0″?> <query>     <userid>[]</userid>     <userkey>[]</userkey>     <action>AddMedia</action>    <notify/>    <notify_encoding_errors/>    <source/>     <format>         <output>smooth_streaming</output>         <rotate>def</rotate>         <audio_codec>libfaac</audio_codec>         </destination>         <pack_files>yes</pack_files>     </format> </query>  

How can I encrypt my iPhone streams?

Securing your iPhone streams is easy with's stream encrytion option. We encrypt your TS segements using AES-128 with no need for an additional processing step. The encryption passes on delivery, as opposed to requiring additional processing time. You'll need a few things to get started, so let's lay out all the details: 1)  Create Read more