How do I watermark my image 2 image conversions?

Are you a current user of our image to image service at See the example XML below to add a watermark to your images: Full documentation on how to formulate an XML for image2image transfer here. 

Can I encode only part of a video?

Need to encode only a segment of your source video? We offer up a convenient solution to set a duration for your output file.   Note that you can use any positive number to reflect the start time (in seconds) and duration (in seconds). via UI: Start from (sec): Enter value in seconds Duration (sec): Read more

Can I rotate videos without encoding it?

Need to rotate videos without encoding them? Did someone have too much fun with the iPhone and shoot everything portrait instead of landscape? Try this on for size. Lossless rotation for use with .mov –> .mov files only.

How do I use the fade in, fade out commands?

Within the format tag, you can now specify the duration and length of the fade that you would like to apply to your encodes.  via XML: Definitions: FadeInStart: Start of fade_in effect in seconds FadeInDuration: Duration of fade_in effect in seconds FadeOutStart: Start of fade_out effect in seconds. If you specify this parameter equal to 0, Read more

Can I add a dissolve to my encodes?

With, you can easily add a dissolve at the start and end of your encodes via our fade commands. Click on this link for more information.

How can I add a watermark with an alpha channel?

Use a PNG with alpha-channel as Logo source. If your logo source is PNG with alpha-channel, set logo_mode equal to 1, to keep transparency. Note: the logo_transparent tag is only for usage with the vp6_flix output via XML. Example XML:

What color should an image be for using as a watermark?'s watermarking feature does not yet support semi-transparent masks, alpha-channels and a few other potential image features. The watermarking process is based on plain colors, meaning, all pixels should be at 100% opacity and use black (HTML color code: #000000) to produce optimal results. Please also refer to the logo placement help guide for further Read more

How to combine multiple video files to a single one

This feature allows you to combine several video files to one file.  You can use it via User Interface, or via API.  User Interface  To use this feature via user interface, you have to add several video sources in “Add Media” section. And they would automatically combined to one file (in sequential order) during the Read more