How do I encode and split longer videos into segments?

1. Add source via AddMediaBenchmark API call.   XML should reflect the following: 2. Store Media ID returned by API for next 2 steps.   3. Get media duration by using GetMediaInfo call.   API will return the following XML: Pay attention only the <video_duration>1253</video_duration> tag.  Based on the video duration they should calculate how Read more

How can I add bumpers and trailers to my clip?

There's a variety of ways that you can use's platform to bring together multiple sources to create a completely customized workflow that can dynamically change, as time requires. You can add just a bumper or a trailer to any clip, or both! Plus, you can concatenate videos exponentially. Here's how: 1) Log into the Read more

How do I add and customize intervals of keyframes via API?

The default value for keyframe interval set by the optional format field <keyframe> is 300, i.e. keyframe is added every 300 frames. For a framerate of 30fps this would equal 10 secs. But for 15fps (most often used for FLV) it would be 20 seconds, which may be too often. To change this value, simply Read more

Can I rotate a video with your service?

Need to rotate a video? No problem! Via API, use the following values: rotate [optional] – video files only. Rotate video picture. Allowed values: def – don’t change anything. Video will be rotated according to ‘Rotation’ meta data parameter, if it exists 0 – don’t rotate and ignore ‘Rotation’ meta data parameter 90 – rotate Read more

How do I use the crop feature? Do you have some sample values?

To crop, you simple specify how many pixels will be cut from each side (left, top, right, bottom) of the original frame size. Once cropped, the resulting frame size will be resized and centered to fit output size (if necessary), as usual. Example: the source file size is 704×576, and we want to crop 10 Read more

How to place a logo watermark in your movie

Many of our customers ask for guidance on how to place a watermark image into a video. This feature is provided in the API and here we will show how to quickly and easily create a watermark.  Please note that the source and output frame sizes need to match. If they do not match, Read more

How to help prevent Audio/Video sync issues

A common issue with video encoding involves the video and audio going out of sync. This can happen right at the beginning of a video, or slowly over time. Here's some possible fixes: 1. Make sure the output framerate setting matches the source file's framerate. For example: if source is 29.97 fps video into, Read more