Uploading from an FTP server

In this section we explain how you can upload and import video source files from an FTP server into your encoding.com account. You can specify the source location of your video in one of two ways. You can enter the path directly in the following format:   ftp://login:password@host/path   Or, you may prefer to specify Read more

How do I enable multithread downloading to FTP and HTTP source?

Encoding.com can ingest your source media using multiple FTP or HTTP threads for up to 3x faster ingest than our previous single threaded version. Simply add ?multithread to the end of your existing FTP or HTTP path. For example: ftp://user:password@server/path/movie.mp4?multithread | http://server/path/movie.mp4?multithread This attribute is default for all jobs using S3 as a storage location. Read more

How do I format my source URL for a SFTP source?

Thinking of using SFTP as your source locations? No problem. All you need to do is specify the port in which we access your file at. Connections via SFTP will use port 22 by default. If you’d like to specify a different port, add it to then end of your URL. Example: SFTP://www.xyz.com:[port]/files/input.mov

How can I use passive mode for FTP downloading/uploading?

Encoding.com does not use FTP passive mode by default when retrieving or placing files. To use FTP with passive mode turned on, add ?passive=yes to the end of your FTP URL string (either source or destination): ftp://user:pass@ftphost.tld/path/to/your/file.ext?passive=yes

Why do I receive ‘Permission denied’ or ‘No such file or directory’ errors when using SFTP?

The most common error is specifying incorrect SFTP URLs for files located in your home directory. You must specify full directory path in your URL: sftp://user:password@your-host.com/home/user/video/file.ext Another common issue is missing files! Check the file is there, and the path for encoding.com is correct. If you continue to experience issues, don't hesitate to email helpdesk@encoding.com.

Download error: bind(port=0) failed: Cannot assign requested address

‘Download error: bind(port=0) failed: Cannot assign requested address’ is an error which most commonly occurs when you have attempted to provide encoding.com a source FTP location that only supports Passive FTP mode. So, If you are using a watch folder, check the box that says “Passive FTP Mode” in the ftp watch folder set up Read more

How can I specify where my source media is located?

As a source media you must specify an URL that could be of three types: 1) http://[user]:[password]@[server]/[path]/[filename] or 2) ftp://[user]:[password]@[server]/[path]/[filename] or 3) http://[your_bucket].s3.amazonaws.com/[path]/[filename] You can omit [user]:[password]@ in case of public (not password protected) resources. In last case, the bucket must have READ permission for AWS user 1a85ad8fea02b4d948b962948f69972a72da6bed800a7e9ca7d0b43dc61d5869.