Uploading from an FTP server

In this section we explain how you can upload and import video source files from an FTP server into your encoding.com account. You can specify the source location of your video in one of two ways. You can enter the path directly in the following format:




Or, you may prefer to specify each component of the path. Click the link below the textbox to reveal several input fields:


output settings


NOTE:  FTP may run in active or passive mode. In active mode, the client creates an outbound connection to the server, along which the client sends both the client IP address and an arbitrary client port number. Then the client waits until the server initiates a return connection. In situations where the client is behind a firewall and unable to accept the return connection, it is common to use FTP passive mode. In this mode, the client uses the first connection to send a PASV command to the FTP server. The client expects to receive a server IP address and port number, which the client will use to open a connection.


To upload a source video from an FTP server, follow these steps:


1. Check the FTP box to indicate FTP as the source location type.

2. Enter the Login name and Password for your FTP account.

3. Enter the Host name. For example: ftp.iloveencoding.com

4. Enter the Path of the source video file. You must include all subdirectory names and the full name of the file—including the extension (e.g., .mov or .wmv). Be sure to include capitalization where necessary. An example might be /sourcevids/King_Lines.mov 

5. If you need to use FTP passive mode, then check the Passive box.

6. Notice that the path in the textbox now corresponds to the entries you made.

7. After carefully reviewing all of your entries, click the Start Encoding button in the upper right corner of the page.

8. A new status page will appear, with indications that your source video is uploading to Encoding.com. If successful, you will see a small inset listing Information about your uploaded video.

9. If you receive error messages, then return to the Start a New Job page and ensure that you made all of your entries correctly. You may want to use an FTP client to verify that your path is correct.


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