Uploading from Rackspace Cloud Files

In this section, we explain how you can upload and import video source files from the Rackspace Cloud Files service (http://www.rackspace.com) into your encoding.com account.   Making preparations To upload video files from your Rackspace account, you will need your Rackspace Username and Key. In your Rackspace account, you can find your Username and API Read more

How do I set permissions on Rackspace files?

If you are used to setting permissions in Amazon buckets, you're probably familiar with S3's style of ACL usage appended to the source URLs. In Rackspace, no URL defined permissions exist. The way to set public versus private permissions is via containers. Public: Select 'Publish to CDN' in the container properties. This creates a link Read more

Can Encoding.com integrate with Rackspace’s Cloudfiles?

Rackspace’s cloud files represents a failure-proof storage solution that scales to meet your needs, effortlessly. We offer cloud video encoding solutions that are unmatched in the industry. Integrate Rackspace’s Cloud Files and Encoding.com’s powerful processing platform to extend your workflow to infinite possibilities. Cloud Video Transcoding Need to monitor a container on a daily basis Read more

How to use the Rackspace Cloud with Encoding.com?

There are a variety of innovative ways that Encoding.com uses the Rackspace Cloud to power its service and make it easy for other Rackspace customers to integrate with Encoding.com. Advanced CloudFiles Integration Using the web interface, watch folder or API, you can specify your Cloud Files account as either source or destination locations. Please see Read more

How do I use Rackspace Cloud Files as the source or destination location?

The Rackspace Cloud Files platform does not offer the FTP method to send files to their service. Encoding.com added support for our customers to send encoded videos directly to their platform.To specify the source file or output file(s) to be put in a Rackspace Cloud Files folder, you can specify your source or destination URL Read more