How do I create a new FTP, Amazon S3 or Cloud File watch folder in the web interface?

Once you have logged into's web interface, click on the 'Watch Folder' tab on the left side of the screen.

1) In the Folder URL field enter a valid FTP, S3 or Rackspace location folder in the dialogue box. Replace the contents there. They are for suggestion only! Please note if you are using Rackspace or S3 as source or destination locations, there are specifics to the formatting of the URLs that must be followed in order for the URLs to be valid. Please refer to the two following articles explaining the proper syntax.


Amazon S3:

2) Add an email address in the Notify URL field form “”  Alternatively you can enter a http URL of the script the result would be posted to

3) Select a time frequency you would like our system to check your folder for new video files. If you have large files, set a higher poll time.

4) Enter one or more destination URLs in the format: FTP is also valid here, if you're using that type of location.

6) Click Save and enter a encoding profile for this watch folder.

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