What causes audio sync errors and how can I correct these issues?

  There are 3 situations where we have seen audio sync issues originate. In each of these cases, the <audio_sync> feature can be useful: 1. Apple Final Cut Pro 7 sequences with mixed timecode. This was was fixed in FCP X, so FCP7 and versions below can create outputs that have incorrect timescale. 2. MPEG Read more

How do I use the Dolby codec for success with varying bit rates?

The general rule for the two types of Dolby AAC audio codecs is as follows: For low bitrate audio 40 kbps to 64 kbps, use HE-AAC @ 44100 Hz <audio_codec>dolby_heaac</audio_codec> For high bitrate audio 80 kbps to 320 kbps, use AAC-LC @ 44100 Hz <audio_codec>dolby_aac</audio_codec>

Can I silence audio in my encodes?

Want to silence audio in your encodes? Very simple! You can achieve these results via UI or API. Here's how to do so: via UI:  – Select the encoding task – Choose 'Audio Volume (per cent)' and select 0, if you'd like to silence the audio. ### via API: Add the following: Please note that Read more

Do you have an audio normalization feature?

Varying content and varying edit styles can cause unexpected results during compression. Correct any and all issues with audio normalization. This will correct variances in dialogue, natural sound and background music. There is no default value for this tag. Please specify a non-negative integer between 0 and 100 for this value.

How can I use Encoding.com to create audio-only tracks from my video source?

Our audio only conversion service enables you to strip the audio out of a video file to create a standalone audio file. You can easily do this via our API or customer area: http://www.encoding.com/login via API: For this example, we will use the MP3 template. in your POST, call for the following task: http://www.encoding.com/help/article/aac_audio_template via Read more

How can I copy metadata in my mp3 files?

Need to pass supported metadata information in your mp3 –> mp3 encodes. Use this addition to your XML.  Valuable information, such as title, artist and album will be passed through on your encodes.  Need to inject other metadata? Please check out our API documentation on metadata insertion: http://www.encoding.com/api/category/category/complete_api_documentation#metadata_fields

How can I correct audio sync issues?

You can easily correct audio sync issues by setting the audio_sync tag in your XML, as follows:  This works by adjusting the output audio stream to match the source timestamps, in # of samples per second. Consider this a great for fixing sync when source is variable framerate, or has timescale problems. The most common Read more

How can I copy audio in my encodes?

If you specify the audio_codec tag to equal 'copy', the options audio_channels_number, audio_sample_rate, audio_bitrate will be ignored and their values will be copied from your source file. Example: