What causes audio sync errors and how can I correct these issues?


There are 3 situations where we have seen audio sync issues originate. In each of these cases, the <audio_sync> feature can be useful:

1. Apple Final Cut Pro 7 sequences with mixed timecode. This was was fixed in FCP X, so FCP7 and versions below can create outputs that have incorrect timescale.
2. MPEG live capture streams with variable timescale or framerates.
3. Adobe Flash video recorder with Nellymoser audio (variable timescale).

NOTE: If you are submitting QuickTime (.mov) source, a more reliable workaround is to export MP4 (.mp4) from your computer locally. We recommend using Handbrake or MPEG Streamclip, since these free apps will correct broken timescale using native Apple QuickTime core media 64-bit processing. Please send the corrected MP4 thru as source and your job should be fine. If you are still having problems, please reach out for help. 

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