How do I install the Joomla plugin?

The Joomla extension is available here: INSTALLING THE PLUGIN 1. Enter Joomla administrator's interface 2. Open “Extensions -> Install/Uninstall” in top menu 3. In a section “Upload Package File” click “Browse” button, select this package in opened dialog window and click “Open”. After that click “Upload File & Install” button to Upload and install plugin Read more

Content Management System (CMS)

A content management system (CMS) is a GUI based system used to manage web content redusing dependence on the need to write code for management of digital content.

How to upload video in the WordPress Plugin

There are a few steps that need to occur before videos can be uploaded directly to your blog from First, ensure that you have downloaded and added the latest plugin to your blog's directory: Second, follow the directions on installation here: – – – In the WordPress article creation: There is a Read more