How do I install the Joomla plugin?

The Joomla extension is available here:


1. Enter Joomla administrator's interface
2. Open “Extensions -> Install/Uninstall” in top menu
3. In a section “Upload Package File” click “Browse” button, select this package in opened dialog window and click “Open”. After that click “Upload File & Install” button to Upload and install plugin
4. Open “Extensions -> Plugin Manager” in top menu
5. Click “ Plugin (editor-xtd)” in a plugins list to open plugin settings
6. In a frame “Details” on opened page set the radio button “Enabled” to Yes
7. Encoding com will automaticly uploads converted video on your site on (S)FTP. In a frame “Parameters” fill all fields by next values:

UserID: User ID in a Encoding com account. If you have no account you may easily and quickly get one here
UserKey: The secret User Key from you account.
Video Size: Preferred size of video.

FTP Type: FTP or SFTP server type
FTP Host: Host from (S)FTP access
FTP Login: (S)FTP user login
FTP Pass: (S)FTP user password
FTP Directory: Path to plugin directory. It should be something like this '/site_path/plugins/editors-xtd/encodingcom/', where site_path – is the path to directory where joomla was installed.

Make shure ftp user has write permissions for this directory.

8. Click “Save” button in a top right corner of this page.
9. To use the plugin click the button in a text editor.

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