How do I watermark my image 2 image conversions?

Are you a current user of our image to image service at See the example XML below to add a watermark to your images: Full documentation on how to formulate an XML for image2image transfer here. 

What are my options for output files for the Image2Image service?

With out Image2Image service, you can request a .jpg, .png, .gif or .tiff from our encoders. You also have the option to crop, resize or use a combination of the two methods to achieve your goal. Our complete API documentation on the Image2Image portion of our services is available here:  

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What features are available with the Image 2 Image conversion service?

You’ve got a host of options to consider when submitting images for conversion. Let’s go over some of the basic points: Image Resizing: Set a custom size for your images in HxW or resize proportionally while maintaining fixed height or width. Chose to maintain aspect ratio when resizing. JPEG Quality: Manually adjust the quality of Read more