How to set up Akamai HLS Ingest

How to use Live Transcoding with Akamai Media Services Akamai HLS Ingest allows you to deliver live HLS streams to devices running iOS 3 and higher and Android 4 and higher. With’s Live Transcoding features Akamai is able to deliver your live stream to users around the world. Setting up Akamai account Log in Read more

Deliver to multiple CDNs in with

With you can deliver to multiple CDNs and YouTube in one step. Simply specify multiple destination tags in your format requests and we will distribute your videos to the CDNs of your choice. You can easily send your completed source videos to Amazon S3, Rackspace, Edgecast, Highwinds, Akamai, CloudFront, Limelight, Level 3, CDNetworks, & Read more

What Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) do you offer?

Via, today you have two Content Delivery Network options: Akamai (via Rackspace) or CloudFront (via Amazon Web Services). We are actively working on adding other popular CDNs as well. To select which CDN you would like to deliver your video via the API specific either AWS or RS in the  <CDN>[CDNType]</CDN> parameters.  See the Read more

Can I use my own non-supported CDN?

Today? No. But, we are actively adding more networks and will eventually give you the ability to use your own existing vendor. Wanna add a CDN to our Feature Request list for –>

Information on CloudFront Streaming for AWS

Setting up for streaming from CloudFront with is easy. Once you've enabled your clips for access by authenticated users or public use, follow these steps in the AWS console under CloudFront: 1 – Create a new Distribution. Set the delivery method to 'Download' – Selecting 'streaming' will not work for this workflow  2 – Read more

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

A content delivery network or content distribution network (CDN) is a geographically diverse network of computers containing with replicated data to speeding up content delivery based on geographic proximity.

What CDNs does support? works with all of the major CDNs available. Pick your favourite, plug in your delivery details and you're good to go! If you're looking for a concise list of CDNs, please browse to

How to Send Files to via

When using to generate video for, video can be directly uploaded to the FTP service hddn provides. HDDN requires passive FTP mode, so the path will require the URL string to append ?passive=yes. For example: This will solve any issues with upload errors from our service and get the files delivered to Read more