Sending Output to an FTP server

To deliver your output video files to an FTP server, perform these steps:   1. On the right side of the same page (on which you see Information about your uploaded video), notice the column labeled Step Two. Click the + symbol to expand the Job Notification and Region section. 2. From the Region dropdown Read more

How can I use passive mode for FTP downloading/uploading? does not use FTP passive mode by default when retrieving or placing files. To use FTP with passive mode turned on, add ?passive=yes to the end of your FTP URL string (either source or destination): ftp://user:pass@ftphost.tld/path/to/your/file.ext?passive=yes

Upload error: Failed FTP upload: 550

This error is returned when our system is not able to send the video to the FTP/SFTP destination you specified.  Please verify the username, password, permissions, and complete directory path in a FTP client prior to adding it to our system.

Double percent-encoding needed for VBScript FTP paths

For VBScript output to work, you may need to percent-encode the destination path twice. Like this. Regular FTP path: Single URL (%) encoded – used for some standard FTP configurations Double URL (%) encoded – used for VBScript FTP

Why do I receive ‘Permission denied’ or ‘No such file or directory’ errors when using SFTP?

The most common error is specifying incorrect SFTP URLs for files located in your home directory. You must specify full directory path in your URL: s Another common issue is missing files! Check the file is there, and the path for is correct. If you continue to experience issues, don't hesitate to email

How to Send Files to via

When using to generate video for, video can be directly uploaded to the FTP service hddn provides. HDDN requires passive FTP mode, so the path will require the URL string to append ?passive=yes. For example: This will solve any issues with upload errors from our service and get the files delivered to Read more