How to Create a Desktop Watch Folder

THIS FEATURE IS DEPRECATED AND NO LONGER AVAILABLE. If you are using a Windows PC and have a consistent workflow of video that you need to encode, here is a simple solution for you. Our Ultra-Fast Desktop Uploader, powered by Aspera’s FASP technology is a simple to use app that speeds up ingest of your Read more

How to create a watch folder

Maybe you’ve got a large content library that you want to process fast. With, you can point to a directory on your server—FTP, HTTP, or cloud storage (S3, Rackspace, Azure). We call this a watch folder. Initially, our system will scan the entire contents of this directory, encode it to your format, then send Read more

Can I copy metadata in my watch folders?

Using our watch folder feature? Need to copy metadata (title, description, copyright, author, description, album) from your source clips to output profiles? No problem! Follow these simple steps below. For complete information on our metadata capabilities, check out our API documentation for all the up to date details: – After you have set up a Read more

How do I use the watch folder file name controls?

Want control over file names after they finish encoding from your watch folders? It's easy. Follow these simple steps:   – Add in what you would like to have displayed after your file name finished encoding. Example:If your file name is video.ext, and you specify '_big' in the Name Postfix field, your resulting file name Read more

Roku presets for watch folders

Yes! You can select the following choices in our watch folders to create files specifically targeted for playback via Roku.  Click on any of the links below to expose the templates that we use for each preset: roku_800 roku_1200 roku_1800 roku_2700 roku_hls

How can I change the tasks applied to a watch folder?

Watch folders are a nifty way to manage all incoming content. In case you want to change the applied settings, here's a guide on how to do just that. You can easily change the destination URL, the notify location and even the watch folder source location. In the watch folder main view, which lists all Read more

Encoded file output not what you expected?

A great place to start when trying to improve your video quality is to change the field 'Two pass' from no to yes. This applies to folks that are using the Desktop Application or web UI, for watchfolders or single add media requests. If you're an API user, toggle the <two_pass> field from no to Read more

How to configure a new watch folder

To configure a brand new watch folder, follow the steps below. Please note that you can configure this for Rackspace, Amazon S3 or (S)FTP. We are using FTP as an example in this case. – – – In the Folder URL field enter a FTP folder in the format Add an email address in Read more

How can I add multiple destinations to my workflow?

Have many destinations for one workflow? No problem!  To add multiple destinations to a watchfolder, here's what to do: 1) Select 'Watch Folder,' then 'Add New.” 2) Under the destination field, click the [ + ] icon to add in new destination locations.  3) Ensure that your destination paths are valid across the board. Want Read more

What is a Watch Folder?

A watch folder is a directory that's specified to be polled periodically by an encoding platform for new content. When new content arrives, the system will pull the file and convert it to the flavor of video you have requested. Our popular watch folder is a great alternative to integrating with our XML API and Read more