What is a Watch Folder?

A watch folder is a directory that's specified to be polled periodically by an encoding platform for new content. When new content arrives, the system will pull the file and convert it to the flavor of video you have requested. Our popular watch folder is a great alternative to integrating with our XML API and requires nothing more than a FTP/S3/Rackspace location to use. Simply login to our client interface, click Watch Folder and specify four things.

1) A FTP folder for our system to “watch” for new video files
2) The encoding profile of your choice: (FLV, MP4, iPod, iPhone, etc)
3) A frequency anywhere from every 5 minutes to once a 1 day 4)A destination FTP location where you would like us to send the encoded files.

In turn, you can also specify the usage of local watch folders via our Desktop Application, if you wish. Thats it! You can be up and running encoding video files with encoding.com in less than 5 minutes.

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