Sending Output to Microsoft Azure

If you want to deliver your output video files to Microsoft Azure containers, follow these steps:   On the right side of the same page (on which you see Information about your uploaded video), notice the column labeled Step Two. Click the + symbol to expand the Job Notification and Region section. From the Region Read more

Do you support Microsoft Azure Blog as source or destination?

If you would like to user Microsoft Azure Blob storage as a source or destination, please follow these simple steps: – Use a standard URL to access a source or destination locatlon: http(s)://[access_key]@[account][container]/path – Ensure to URL encode any special characters within the access_key  Here is one example of a properly constructed URL: http://P9DM47UTCF%2BQJZXl0uWy28J4jBdgnYv0SJPh%2FR%2AWCFOLPTBHuyeXtMfDOU75Wd0Yl2xm67vVTYGVAWSEDRdcw%3D%3D@[account] Special Read more