Free Vid.lys no longer working

Maybe you’ve created a lot of free Vid.lys but they no longer work. Remember that free vid.lys have maximum bandwidth and number-of-views restrictions. The link for a free will become inactive after exceeding either of these restrictions. To avoid these restrictions, we invite you to sign up for our Pro account or one Read more

What causes audio sync errors and how can I correct these issues?

  There are 3 situations where we have seen audio sync issues originate. In each of these cases, the <audio_sync> feature can be useful: 1. Apple Final Cut Pro 7 sequences with mixed timecode. This was was fixed in FCP X, so FCP7 and versions below can create outputs that have incorrect timescale. 2. MPEG Read more

What should I do if I find a bug on

At, we're passionate making sure things are running correctly 100% of the time. Computers aren't perfect all the time; bugs happen! If you think you've spotted an issue with the platform, please connect with us through the Help Desk, live chat, or give us a phone call. Here's how to reach us! + To Read more

How does the notification system for errors work?

Interested in keeping tabs on your existing workflow? Need better error reporting? We've added a feature to help track errors to our existing API. Add the following to your XML: You'll receive information if there are errors with your encodes, post-download to the platform.  Keep in mind that you can only have 1 email Read more

How can I troubleshoot errors on the platform?

When you encounter problems on the platform, its always a safe bet to restart the encode and see if that corrects the issue. Restarting allows the platform to reselect an instance and re-download the source, thus correcting any issues that may have arisen during the creation of the job. Try these following steps to restart Read more

Can I receive a notification only on errors?

To receive a notification only where a job errors, designate a URL or email address for <notify_encoding_errors>, you will receive information when a job contains errors. This is in additon to the regular <notify> field for completion of all job processes. 

Troubleshooting 101

Having problems with a on a particular device or browser? Browse to this link and in order to determine the full details on where / how you are accessing the link: Good stuff!  

Can you explain more about the Error Codes?

Need more details on the error codes? These should answers you questions. MessageCodes? ErrorCodes? What's the difference you may ask? MessageCodes give you particular feedback as to the status of the actions you have requested from the API. (We're talking about AddMedia, AddMediaLite, etc.) Error codes are more or less what you'll bump into Read more

How can I correct audio sync issues?

You can easily correct audio sync issues by setting the audio_sync tag in your XML, as follows:  This works by adjusting the output audio stream to match the source timestamps, in # of samples per second. Consider this a great for fixing sync when source is variable framerate, or has timescale problems. The most common Read more

Why can’t I save my Custom Presets in the UI?

If you are attempting to save a custom dimension in a present in our web UI, you can run into the error:  Incorrect encoding parameters – Please see detail below: 1. Invalid value size The way to correct this issue is to remove the spaces in your dimension request. – 320 x 240 will not pass Read more