Incorrect frame size

Incorrect frame size – Error specifying size, e.g. 0x240: Please specify a frame size.

No audio or video streams available

You have tried to decode a video format that encoder does not understand. Try again with one of our supported formats.

Could not write header for output file

Could not write header for output file (incorrect codec parameters?): The specified codecs are not supported for this format, or need special parameters to be specified. For example: 3GP format require libamr_nb audio codec for correct encoding.

How to help prevent Audio/Video sync issues

A common issue with video encoding involves the video and audio going out of sync. This can happen right at the beginning of a video, or slowly over time. Here's some possible fixes: 1. Make sure the output framerate setting matches the source file's framerate. For example: if source is 29.97 fps video into, Read more

Segmentation error

One of the reason may be inconsistency of specified segment duration and framerate/keyframe pair. You should try to keep at least 3 keyframes per segment. E.g. if you specify segment duration 5 sec and keyframe 15 fps, the keyframe parameter should not be greater than 25, so we have at least one keyframe per every Read more