What does error message ECOM00117 mean?

The error message ECOM00117 translates to “Unknown encoder .”  No resulting file. Our encoder was not able to produce any resulting file from the submitted clip. This is internal error, please inform us if it persists.    

What does error message ECOM00116 mean?

  The error message ECOM00116 translates to “Wrong input file format”    Your source file may be corrupted or it is not in supported format. Be sure the source URL you specified returns valid data and there is no JavaScript or external references that could not be understood by our download engine.

What does error message ECOM00115 mean?

  The error message ECOM00115 translates to “Video stream was not found.”    Generally we see these errors when there are issues related to the uploading of source clips. Also, please double check that the video that you submitted contains a video stream.

What does error message ECOM00114 mean?

The error message ECOM00114 translates to “Requested video bitrate is too low.”    For this error, I would refer back to your request and verify that you specified the bitrate correctly, e.g. “500k” instead of “500”. Also, you can avoid such issues by using 1-pass encoding.

What does error message ECOM00113 mean?

  The error message ECOM00113 translates to “Unknown encoder error .”    This vague error will be thrown when there is an encoder error at the platform level. Don't hesitate to give us a jingle or an email through the support form if you want to alert us!

What does error message ECOM00112 mean?

The error message ECOM00112 translates to “Encoding was not completed: .*: could not find codec parameters.” Your source file did not contain a video stream. Please check your source file for a video stream if the request that you made was for an output requiring audio and video.  

What does error message ECOM00111 mean?

  The error message ECOM00111translates to “Unsupported codec .* for input”    Your source file that you presented to us is not part of our supported format list. We could not decode your source! It's best to check what you submitted to us against the supported format list. You can double check if your source Read more

What does error message ECOM00110 mean?

  The error message ECOM00110 translates to “Cannot allocate temp picture, check pix fmt.”    You'll receive this error if you've specified a frame size that is not acceptable to the format you have chosen. This will happen when the frame size that is requested is too large for the selected codec.

What does error message ECOM00109 mean?

  The error message ECOM00109 translates to “Output file does not contain any stream.”    It seems your source file looks like valid video container, but it doesn't contain any video/audio data. Be sure the source URL you specified returns valid data and there is no JavaScript or external references that could not be understood by Read more

What does error message ECOM00108 mean?

  The error message ECOM00108 translates to “Unsupported codec for output stream.”    There are certain formats that need to have certain parameters defined before they will work properly. In such cases you must specify the values explicitly in your request. For example for 3GP format you should use audio codec libamr_nb.