What does error message ECOM00215 mean?

  The error message ECOM00215 translates to “couldn't connect to host”   This error occurs when we have users that are requesting that our platform access files that are on an FTP server that is behind a firewall. Also, please verify that your FTP server is running and reachable by outside sources.

What does error message ECOM00214 mean?

  The error message ECOM00214 translates to “Upload failed: Permission denied”   Our encoding platform is experiencing issues accessing your files at your S3 location. Please make sure your source files and containing bucket are readable by AWS user 'fastencoding'.

What does error message ECOM00213 mean?

  The error message ECOM00213 translates to “Upload failed: Permission denied”   Please check if you specified correct file path (especially when using SFTP), and the specified user is able to write to this directory. It's imperative for the user whom is accessing the directory to have write permissions.

What does error message ECOM00212 mean?

  The error message ECOM00212 translates to “Upload Error: Upload failed: Permission denied”   Please check if your credentials are correct for the FTP path specified. If you are using special characters in your username, it's imperative to URL encode them. For example, if you are using @ in a username, replace it with %40. Read more

What does error message ECOM00217 mean?

  The error message ECOM00217 translates to “error opening file”   Please verify that your source file is self-contained. It may be that your source file contains references to streams located in another files on your hard drive.

What does error message ECOM00119 mean?

The error message ECOM00119 translates to “libfaac doesn't support this output format.”  The most often reason that you would run across this video is that the left audio parameter is blank. At this point, the encoder tried to take them from the source, but the target audio codec does not support such parameters set, e.g. Read more

What does error message ECOM00132 mean?

    The error message ECOM00127 translates to “Incorrect video parameters such as bitrate, width or height”   Your source video appears to not want to play nicely with our encoding platform. Generally, it's best to see what the dimensions are of the video and see if they are divisible by 8.

What does error message ECOM00130 mean?

  The error message ECOM00127 translates to “an encoder error”   Additional notes: -acodec libmp3lame Encoder error: /usr/local/ffmpeg/current/bin/ffmpeg -i '/mnt/vhosts/default/code/tmp/331bc4d5e40275ce90cd389f313f4071/vzc06e77571ebe4fa8834255d2e369c81b-1200k.split.1.ts' -vn -acodec libmp3lame -y '/m

What does error message ECOM00128 mean?

The error message ECOM00128 translates to “Encoder error: sh: /bin/tar: Argument list too long” This is known bug. It will be fixed in nearest release.