Invalid Action

If you've received the Invalid Action' error message, then the action parameter is empty or has not in the list of allowed actions

Wrong query format

If you've received the “Wrong query format,” then XML does not contain root element. Please check your XML and resubmit.

Error generating thumbnail

This error message is generated when we could not generate a thumbnail from your video. Make sure that the timestamp you have chosen for us take the thumbnail exists in the video file, for example a thumbnail request with a timestamp of 35s in a 30s video will return this error.

Wrong destination file URL

### – correction needed… If you’ve received the ‘Wrong destination file URL’ then the URL provided in the query does not match a single of valid formats. Actions: AddMedia, UpdateMedia

Output format [Output] is not allowed

If you've received the 'Output format [Output] is not allowed' then the element of the format is not in the list of allowed formats. Please verify that you've chosen an output format that is supported by Check the link below for our suggested formats: Suggested API Actions: AddMedia, UpdateMedia

No format specified

If you've received 'No format specified' error, then the [output] element of the format is omitted or has an empty value. Suggested API Actions: AddMedia, UpdateMedia

Wrong XML

If you've received the 'Wrong XML' error message, then the XML query provided in the request is not well-formed. Please check your syntax and resubmit.

Encoding was not completed: error: Video codec is not supported

Although we support over 95% of the most common video codec and container variations, sometimes a file will return this error. We are always working to improve our support of video codecs, and if you have file that returns this error please submit a ticket to: with the MediaID and we will let you Read more


If you've received the error message 'No XML', then there was no XML provided in the request. Please include the XML in your request and resubmit.