Can I customize the player?

  Our service offers many ways to create your own look, feel, and branding of the player. Below we explain how to change the player button to the image of your choice. To view our complete CSS documentation, please view the following link:   Self hosted option Should you wish to change the look and Read more

Can a play in my current Flash Player?

Yes! Not only do we provide a unique URL and javascript embed code for each of your source videos, we also provide a FLV URL to plug directly into your custom, commercial or open-source Flash player – JW Player, Flowplayer, OMS, etc… Here's an example:

How do I enable a to play on my web page?

For each URL generated, we provide you with the javascript embed code for that unique All you need to do is put this code in your HTML and you're done. We will detect what browser the end user is using to view your video and serve up the correct video for that platform. Read more

How do I use JW Player with the default HTML5 mode selected?

The JW players is a versitile tool for allowing your encodes to play the optimal version of your video in the correct browser. The JW player team put out a great article summarizing how to embed HTML5 as default with a flash fallback.