What actions can I perform with the Vid.ly user interface?

  In this article we explain the many functions you can perform with the Vid.ly user interface.   Customize the Vid.ly player You can easily customize the appearance and controls of the Vid.ly player: Click the Customize button Click the Download CSS button to download our CSS template. Customize the CSS to your requirements. Click Read more

How can I create a Vid.ly in the Encoding.com UI?

  Perform these steps to create a Vid.ly with the Encoding.com user interface. Log into http://www.encoding.com/login. In the left menu, click Start New Job. (Or, click Vid.ly in the left menu and then click the Create a vid.ly button in the upper left corner of the page). Enter the source path for the location of your Read more

Free Vid.lys no longer working

Maybe you’ve created a lot of free Vid.lys but they no longer work. Remember that free vid.lys have maximum bandwidth and number-of-views restrictions. The link for a free Vid.ly will become inactive after exceeding either of these restrictions. To avoid these restrictions, we invite you to sign up for our Pro Vid.ly account or one Read more

How can I delete a Vid.ly I created via the Encoding.com UI?

If you’d like to delete a Vid.ly that you created via the UI, please follow the steps below: – Log into http://www.encoding.com/login – Select the Vid.ly tab on the right – Select the URL that you’d like to delete. If you cannot find the Vid.ly you want to delete on the first page, enter it Read more

What is the workflow I would use to create tokens via the Vid.ly PRO API?

This workflow lays out the XMLs needed in order to create a token-based authentication workflow for protecting Vid.lys. If you are not familiar with the process of designing security for URLs, please ensure to review your planned workflow with a qualified security professional. When a visitor loads the page, a script will make a GetSecurityToken Read more

Can I customize the Vid.ly player?

  Our Vid.ly service offers many ways to create your own look, feel, and branding of the player. Below we explain how to change the player button to the image of your choice. To view our complete CSS documentation, please view the following link: http://api.vid.ly/#VidlyPlayerCSSGuide.   Self hosted option Should you wish to change the look and Read more