Can I share a via Twitter?

Can I share a via Twitter? Of course you can. In fact, we think this is a great use of because so much consumption of these services happens on mobile phones… and many current video views are lost because the videos are not properly formatted for all devices before posting. You can simply Read more

How do I enable a to play on my web page?

For each URL generated, we provide you with the javascript embed code for that unique All you need to do is put this code in your HTML and you're done. We will detect what browser the end user is using to view your video and serve up the correct video for that platform. Read more

Who is the service targeting? was designed and built for video content publishers and mobile application developers who want to maximize their audience by enabling their videos to play for everyone on every platform… but, don't want to manage the complexities and costs of running their own infrastructure to accomplish this.

What problem is solving?

Over the past couple of years, we've heard a common theme from many of our customers: “Can you just take my source videos and make them work for everyone across all platforms?” Yes, we can. Video made possible with

How does Work?

It's so simple that my mother has created a few Vid.lys. You tell us where your source video is located and we do all the heavy lifting from there. We will give you a unique URL and the embed code for each source video. You can share the URL across Facebook, Twitter and Read more

How do I use JW Player with the default HTML5 mode selected?

The JW players is a versitile tool for allowing your encodes to play the optimal version of your video in the correct browser. The JW player team put out a great article summarizing how to embed HTML5 as default with a flash fallback.

How can I retrieve statistics via API for Vidly?

Interested in retrieving view stats for your Vid.lys? We have just the thing for you! You can use the GetStatistics call to the API to return the following data:'s GetStatistics will return following data for a individual or system wide: System wide: Or if you need to narrow it by certain URL then Read more

What is is a universal video service delivered within a single short url and embed code.The service seamlessly integrates a HTML5 video player, Flash video player, transcoding, storage, delivery, and device detection.  When you chose the preset within the UI, Watch Folder, or API we automatically transcode your source video into 24 different Read more

How can I use the preset in the API?

If you're a current customer, utilizing our API to create content, try adding this to the mix: You're create a URL that can be accessed via any browser with the correct, optimized version served up whether its a mobile, ipad or browser.  Have more questions about Perhaps…what's it all mean? Look no further:

How can I update a PRO URL?

Want to update an existing URL with new source content. Very simple! Via the PRO API you can use the UpdateMedia action along with the shortlink and you're ready to roll. Take a look at the following example: You'll want to wait to receive a notify back from the API that the media has Read more