How to ask for help for issues?

Whether you're new to creating Vid.lys or a seasoned compressionist, there might be a time you want to reach out for help. There's a multitude of ways to connect with us, whether you prefer email, chat or the phone. We're reachable 8am to 6pm, Mountain Standard Time. Support varies based on the plan you have Read more

How can I share a

There's a number of ways to spead the word about the Vid.lys that you've created.  Navigate to the that you'd like to share, such as and choose from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Delicioius.  Twitter: Customize your tweet however you like. automatically completes your tweet with the following text: Look at my video at Read more

How do I share a on Facebook?

Looking to share your on Facebook with family and friends. Use the *Share* feature. – Browse to your favorite – Select Share – Select Facebook From there, you'll be prompted to share the link of your wall, or in a direct message. All of the controls you use in facebook to control Read more

How can I create a Vanity URL for my Vid.lys?

Vid.lys URLs can be customized to whatever you would like. Its easy to accomplish this with PRO API & the UpdateMedia action.  Step 1: Create a via the PRO API Step 2: Use the UpdateMedia action to specify the Vanity URL. This will be added[here]. You can use special characters, and Read more

How can I set a start or expiration date for a

You can easily control your Vid.lys presence on the web with our expiration controls.  By specifying a start date, you can pre-schedule your campaigns to be available on the web when needed. These can be open ended, or used in combination with an expiration date. Want to get even fancier? You can specify a token Read more

How can I control the token attributes?

This article deals mainly with the specification of parameters to control the life of the token. If you are interested in setting params to control the expiration date of the itself, please view the article that explains protection. These are two seperate controls that are offered via the PRO service. ### Read more

How can I generate a new token for an existing protected

Want to issue a new token for your protected Vid.lys?  All that is required is to send a new GetSecurityToken request to the API and you will be provided with a new token: Please note that when you specify values for AllowedFromDate, AllowedToDate, ExpirationTimeSeconds and AllowedIP, you are applying these to the Token. These Read more

How do I remove protection for

Please note that some time is needed to unprotect a video  (approximately 10 minutes). This time is required for CDN invalidation.  When the invalidation is done, you will receive notification if you have specified a <Notify> tag.  If you've protected your vid.lys with any parameters, and would like to remove them, all that is required Read more

Can I specify my own token to protect a

Quick answer: no! We take care of that for you! You an achieve this via 2 methods: Method A) Send a AddMedia request with just </token> to create the necessary token: Method B) Use UpdateMedia to create a token for Vid.lys that already exist: GetSecurityToken is used to retrieve token. Please note that Read more