How to ask for help for issues?

Whether you're new to creating Vid.lys or a seasoned compressionist, there might be a time you want to reach out for help. There's a multitude of ways to connect with us, whether you prefer email, chat or the phone. We're reachable 8am to 6pm, Mountain Standard Time.

Support varies based on the plan you have currently selected. Choose your support avenue:
+ Email into 
+ Call us on the main support line @ 1-800-513-1740
+ Drop us a line via live chat from anywhere on the main page. We'll reach out and answer your questions quickly, or start a ticket.

Need help with a billing question, email billing[at] directly to get quick answers to questions about invoices or payments.

Don't forget our self-serve options:
+ Reference our FAQ @ for answers to common questions.
+ View our API documentation

+ Add as much info as possible in order to speed the triage process
+ Don't forget to add in URLS!

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