How can I share a

There's a number of ways to spead the word about the Vid.lys that you've created. 

Navigate to the that you'd like to share, such as and choose from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Delicioius. 

Twitter: Customize your tweet however you like. automatically completes your tweet with the following text: Look at my video at Go crazy and tweet to all your friends about the crazy dogs you saw eating ice cream.

Facebook: You can comment directly on the page or post to your Facebook with this feauture. Add your comment in the provided field on the direct link. If you'd like to post this to Facebook, click Share –> Facebook and post directly on your wall. Customize this posting to match the intended audience, just as you would when you post directly on Facebook.

LinkedIn: Another great avenue for sharing. Post directly to your feed and customize the text and/or intended audience. 

Feeling nasty and not into sharing? Learn how to protect your Vid.lys here. 

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