How can I directly access thumbnails?

With, we create 5 thumbnail images and provide direct http access to them for use within your HTML or application.  Here are the details: 2 X Poster Images:  Width = 640 pixels and the height is resized proportionally to your source video dimensions.  The poster image is used as the default image displayed within Read more

How do I format an XML for PRO?

Are you used to sending XMLs to's API? XMLs are a bit different. Have a look! Note the usage of the source & sourcefile tags. All API action requests are sent to the page. Client must send HTTP(S) POST request with single parameter named “xml”. The server response is a normal XML Read more

What is the difference between & and may appear as similar, but there are vast differences. Follow along below, or feel free to chat up sales[at]encoding[dot]com for any questions! The service works is as follows: – Store your source videos on S3 / Rackspace or FTP site – Decide your integration method, whether it be API or watch Read more