How do I protect my vid.lys with the PRO service?

You have a number of choices to make when choosing who, where and when people view your Vid.lys. There's also a progression of API calls to make in order to acheive protected results . You can use a mix of IP ranges & Expiration dates & tokens. Use one or all three!  DATE CONTROLS: Examples: Read more

How do I use the HTTPS version of URLs and thumbnails?

Looking for access URLs and thumbnails via HTTPS? Look no further. All you need to do is make slight adjustments to your embed code and your URL structure for this to work. For Amazon S3 access, please format as follows: Poster:[media_short_link]/poster.jpg Thumbnails:[media short link]/thumbnail_1.jpg – 33%[media short link]/thumbnail_2.jpg – 66%[media Read more

What Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) do you offer?

Via, today you have two Content Delivery Network options: Akamai (via Rackspace) or CloudFront (via Amazon Web Services). We are actively working on adding other popular CDNs as well. To select which CDN you would like to deliver your video via the API specific either AWS or RS in the  <CDN>[CDNType]</CDN> parameters.  See the Read more

How does the pricing for work?

Our traditional pricing, Pro, offers a pure usage model based on three monthly variables: # of URLs, storage (in GB) and delivery (in GB). You only pay for what you use. And, the more you use, the lower your per-unit pricing across each of the three variables. To see the pricing tiers, Read more

Can I control which output profiles I support?

You now have the ability to limit the 20+ output profiles that you want to support. For example, if you are only interested in supporting iOS devices, you can limit the number of output renditions that we create to only those that are relevant to the iOS platform. You can also use lite. Read more

Can I customize output profiles?

We support the ability to customize output profiles to best meet your specific requirements. With this feature, you can customize any of the 20+ output renditions including bit rates, frame sizes and more.

Can I use my own non-supported CDN?

Today? No. But, we are actively adding more networks and will eventually give you the ability to use your own existing vendor. Wanna add a CDN to our Feature Request list for –>

Can a play in my current Flash Player?

Yes! Not only do we provide a unique URL and javascript embed code for each of your source videos, we also provide a FLV URL to plug directly into your custom, commercial or open-source Flash player – JW Player, Flowplayer, OMS, etc… Here's an example: