How do I use the HTTPS version of URLs and thumbnails?

Looking for access URLs and thumbnails via HTTPS? Look no further. All you need to do is make slight adjustments to your embed code and your URL structure for this to work.

For Amazon S3 access, please format as follows:


Thumbnails:[media short link]/thumbnail_1.jpg – 33%[media short link]/thumbnail_2.jpg – 66%[media short link]/thumbnail_3.jpg – 90%

Note: S3 URLs are default for all HTTPS Vid.lys

For Rackspace:

Poster: short link/poster.jpg

Thumbnails: short link/thumbnail_1.jpg – 33% short link/thumbnail_2.jpg – 66% short link/thumbnail_3.jpg  – 90%

Note: For access to the Rackspace CDN, please specify <CDN>RS</CDN>

Here's an examples of HTTPS embed code from the AWS CDN for thumbnails:

    <a target='_blank' href=''>
        <img src='' />


HTTPS will differentiate one sender and receiver from another. During transfer, SSL will take the data and encrypts it. This means that SSL uses an algorithm to hide the true meaning of the data. The hope is that this algorithm is so complex it is either impossible or prohibitively difficult to crack.  Encryption begins when the owner of the Web site purchases a trusted certificate authority.

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