How does the pricing for work?

Our traditional pricing, Pro, offers a pure usage model based on three monthly variables: # of URLs, storage (in GB) and delivery (in GB). You only pay for what you use. And, the more you use, the lower your per-unit pricing across each of the three variables. To see the pricing tiers, please click here.

Our new pricing structure allows for a set number of free vid.lys to be included with each paid plan. In addition to the included vid.lys, each customer is allotted a certain number of GB’s for either storage or streaming. So whether your video is large or your delivery high, we now offer you help with your billing. The grid below demonstrates the pricing for each paid plan:

Plan Type Included URLs Included Storage or Streaming
Free 1GB N/A N/A
Business 10 50GB
Pro Level 50 200GB
Studio 100 500GB

After going over the allotted number of included vid.lys and GBs for storage/streaming for your plan, you will be charged additionally as laid out here.

To take advantage of our new plans and the included usage, upgrade now to a monthly plan.

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