What plan should I choose at Encoding.com if I just want to make Vid.lys?


Whether you have high-volume and live support requirements or a small one-time project, we have a service plan for you. Vid.lys are just one type of encoding service we provide, so we include them as part of each of our plans. Start by choosing a plan that best suits your needs. Go here to view our plans. You need to sign up for a monthly plan to access the service. (Although the free 1 GB plan vid.ly isn’t available through the UI, you can test our service via the Try One Free option here.)
Our pricing structure for Vid.lys is the same as other encoding types: we calculate on the number of URLs, the amount of processing (in GB), and the amount of storage (in GB). While we include a set number of vid.lys in each plan, any additional URL’s are charged in addition to the monthly plan fees. Use our convenient calculator to help you estimate your Vid.ly costs.



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