What actions can I perform with the Vid.ly user interface?


In this article we explain the many functions you can perform with the Vid.ly user interface.


Customize the Vid.ly player

You can easily customize the appearance and controls of the Vid.ly player:

  1. Click the Customize button
  2. Click the Download CSS button to download our CSS template.
  3. Customize the CSS to your requirements.
  4. Click the Upload CSS button to upload the modified CSS.


NOTE: The file name must have the .css suffix to be acceptable for uploading.




You can secure your Vid.ly by restricting the start and expiration times:

  • Start Date – This is time at which you want your Vid.ly to become available for viewing, which is especially useful for campaigns that don’t start immediately.
  • Expire Date – This is time at which you want your Vid.ly to become unavailable, which can be set to correspond to the end of a upcoming campaigns.


NOTE: The full timestamp format must fit the pattern YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS, but the HH:MM:SS suffix is optional.



Token protection

Follow these steps to protect your video using tokens:

  1. Check the box for Protect with Token.
  2. Fill in the Token Names, ensuring that each is distinct from others in the token list.
  3. Enter the Allowed from Date and Allowed to Date to restrict the time that the video is to be available.
  4. Instead of Allowed to Date, you can enter an Expiration Time. This will setup a timer that will discontinue access after a specific duration. This value should be in seconds. For example, if you enter 86,400 seconds, this would be equivalent to 24 hours.
  5. For Allowed IP, specify one of the options below to indicate the precision of access necessary to access your Vid.ly:
  • – Permits only a single IP address to access the link
  • – Permits the range of to to access the link
  • 192.168.1.* – Permits the range of to to access the link.
  • 192.168.1-50.* – Permits the range of 192.168.1-50.1-255 to access the link.



Vanity URL

If you want your URL to reflect the distinctives of your product, event, or milestone, simply replace the default URL and we will customize your Vid.ly URL.

NOTE: This service costs $5.00 a month per custom URL.



Embedding Code

Click the Embed Code button to view the embed code and its variations. By default, we include our embed code suggestion for Vid.ly, which we recommend that you use as the template for all embeds. If you are confident in how to control the behavior of embeds, you are welcome to make edits to the default embed. Check the box for HTTPS to rewrite the embed code for secure sockets browser encryption. To use your CSS styling, check the box for Use custom player CSS.


Previewing your Vid.ly

Click the Play button to preview your Vid.ly directly from this UI.



You can upload your own thumbnail by clicking the Choose File button. Otherwise, use one of the 3 thumbnails that we automatically provide for you-one each from the 33%, 66%, and 99% marks in your video. Click Save Thumbnail to link the thumbnail to your Vid.ly.




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