How to help prevent Audio/Video sync issues

A common issue with video encoding involves the video and audio going out of sync. This can happen right at the beginning of a video, or slowly over time. Here's some possible fixes: 1. Make sure the output framerate setting matches the source file's framerate. For example: if source is 29.97 fps video into, put 29.97 into the frame rate setting for output. 2. Set the audio sample rate in the format request. As with frame rate, ensure this value matches the source input video's audio sample rate. 3. If the audio is going out over time, or slowly loses, then corrects itself every few seconds: Set the keyframes value to a lower figure. Default for is generally 300, which in 30 fps material, is one keyframe every 10 seconds. Try lowering the value to every 3 seconds, 90 frames per second. 4. QuickTime sometimes has timescale issues when bringing MPEG source into Avid or Final Cut Pro. Try converting it to your native edit codec using Apple Compressor or Quicktime Player export. This should correct the A/V sync and allow you to edit the file normally. This issue can occur for a variety of reasons, and in some cases, it may be impossible in the video encoder to properly encode the video without engineering resources. If this should be your case, after trying the steps listed here, please contact support at and have your MediaID(s), source files and desired output formats ready.

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