How can I change the tasks applied to a watch folder?

Watch folders are a nifty way to manage all incoming content. In case you want to change the applied settings, here's a guide on how to do just that. You can easily change the destination URL, the notify location and even the watch folder source location.

In the watch folder main view, which lists all of your watched locations, click on the watch folder name you wish to edit. This will take you to the 'Watch Options' page.

Under 'Watch Options' you can reconfigure the location that is polling, change the frequency of the time that polls your directory for new content, and a host of other options. 

To change task settings, select 'Encoding Options.' Here you'll see a list of the applied tasks.

To delete a task, select it from the list below 'With Selected' and hit Delete.

To edit a task, select it from the list below 'With Selected' and reconfigure it on the right side of the screen, under 'Format.' Make sure to hit save after this point, or your changes will be lost. 

To add a new task, simply hit 'Add New' to add tasks to an existing watch folder.

Once you've completed any of these steps, make sure to hit 'Save.' Select 'Close' from the upper right hand corner of the grey box.

If you wish to reprocess the entire watch folder contents, select 'Reset' from the main watch folder view.

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