How to Create a Desktop Watch Folder


If you are using a Windows PC and have a consistent workflow of video that you need to encode, here is a simple solution for you. Our Ultra-Fast Desktop Uploader, powered by Aspera’s FASP technology is a simple to use app that speeds up ingest of your video files by up to 50% over FTP. Combine this with our watch folder and your encoding workflow has never been easier. Following these steps will make repetitive encoding tasks a whole lot easier.

Setting up the the desktop watch folder is very easy. The first step is to create the watch folder in the User Interface. Log in to the UI, then select the watch folder tab. Once in the watch folder interface, click add new watch folder.

create watch folder step 1

Next select ‘Desktop’ as your source folder.

create watch folder step 2

Then, configure the settings for your watch folder.

create watch folder step 3

Finally, configure the encoding parameters for the watch folder. All jobs submitted to this watch folder will be encoded with these parameters.

create watch folder step 4

Next, you need to configure the Ultra-Fast Desktop Uploader to use the watch folder you just created. Launch the app and select the preferences in the bottom right corner.

create watch folder step 5

Finally, just check the ‘Upload to watch folder’ check box, and select the watch folder you just created from the drop down.

create watch folder step 6

That’s it! Now every time you submit a job using the Ultra-Fast Desktop Uploader, the encoding settings and destination information you already configured will be applied to every job.

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