How to upload video in the WordPress Plugin

There are a few steps that need to occur before videos can be uploaded directly to your blog from

First, ensure that you have downloaded and added the latest plugin to your blog's directory:

Second, follow the directions on installation here:

– – –

In the WordPress article creation: There is a “E” icon next to the row of Upload/Insert Icons which will give you access to the WP plugin.

1. Click “Add New” Post

2. Click the “E” icon in the row of Upload/Insert Icons

3. Click “Select a Video” button to select a source video from your hard drive to upload.

4. After upload and transcoding is complete you will see a list of all converted videos in a list

5. Click the “Show” link next to the video you want to insert into your post. Click “Insert into Post” to automatically insert the video code into your blog.

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