How to use the Rackspace Cloud with

There are a variety of innovative ways that uses the Rackspace Cloud to power its service and make it easy for other Rackspace customers to integrate with Advanced CloudFiles Integration Using the web interface, watch folder or API, you can specify your Cloud Files account as either source or destination locations. Please see our collection of help articles on using Cloud Files with

Automatic Cloud Files CDN Enabled Distribution With Limelight Networks’ service, Cloud Files brings a powerful and easy way to publish content over a world-class, industry leading CDN. A Cloud Files user automatically gets access to this network. Users simply have to mark containers for publishing to CDN and they are readily accessible through the Limelight Networks CDN. The propagation of content to the edge locations is done automatically behind the scene. Users do not have to plan or write any new code to utilize this facility. This workflow is a perfect compliment to as encoded videos can be sent directly to CDN enabled Cloud Files containers automatically producing a http streaming URL to the video. In The Rackspace web control panel, it is a matter of creating a container (the storage compartment for data), uploading objects (the files to serve over CDN), and marking the container as “public”. The container is then assigned a unique URL which can be combined with cbject names to embed in web pages, email messages, blog posts, etc.

For example, you could encode a video with and have it sent directly to a Container called “video”. When this Container is published, it will be assigned a unique URL like “″ You could then publish a CDN enabled public link like “”. When that link is accessed, the video is automatically streamed using HTTP progressive from the CDN; it’s that simple!

Speed The media upload and download time from your Rackspace Cloud Files container, Cloud Servers, Rackspace Managed Hosting dedicated servers, or the Limelight CDN network to our processing system on CloudServers is lightening fast because it does not travel over the public internet.

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