How do I use Rackspace Cloud Files as the source or destination location?

The Rackspace Cloud Files platform does not offer the FTP method to send files to their service. added support for our customers to send encoded videos directly to their platform.To specify the source file or output file(s) to be put in a Rackspace Cloud Files folder, you can specify your source or destination URL in a few different ways different ways:

1) Virtual URL: – Please note the usage of the word 'Virtual' as this formatting is not going to be visible as your browse your Rackspace account. You must create this formatting by following the steps below:

a) Browse to 'Your Account' on your Rackspace control panel and select 'API access'

b) Pull your username and API key and use them to format your URL as listed below.

For example's sake, lets use Encoding123 for the user name and XYZ as the shortened version of what the API key would be.

Please make sure to fully swap out the information if your URL looks like this: Change it to:

2) If you select 'Publish to CDN' on the container that you have the source files stored in, Rackspace will generate a unique URL, like This URL is now available to the public via this link, and is also simultaneously published to Akamai's CDN. 


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