How do I only encode a portion of a video or clip out a portion of a video I submit?

Easily clip out a specified portion of your source. We support a few methods for this. The first method is to specify a starting point and duration in seconds. Not including a starting point with the duration will start clipping from the beginning of the source. 

<start>10</start> – Can be any value from 0 up to the source duration.

 <duration>10</duration> – Can be any value greater than the source duration less the start value.

In the example above. We would create a clip that started 10 seconds into the source and lasted 10 seconds.

Alternatively you can specify a start and finish using the timecode with frames (HH:MM:SS:FF) or whole integers.

<start>10</start> – Can be any value within the duration of the source.

<finish>20</finish> – Can be any value within the duration of the source and great than the start value.

This would create the same output as the first method.

Using time codes with frames it would look like the parameters below.




More information can be found in our API docs.





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