Easily Create iPhone Streaming Files with Encoding.com

If you're interested in using Encoding.com's platform to create iPhone Streaming (m3u8) files from your source content, there's a number of ways to achieve that using the options listed below. Our new HLS encoding has better adaptive bitrate distribution within the H.264 segments! + Use our web-based encoding software UI, located @ http://www.encoding.com/login, to designate Read more

Apple TV Video Encoding Support

Use Encoding.com’s powerful encoding engine as your Apple TV video converter solution and easily convert your video files to Apple TV compliant files. Convert Your Video Files to Apple TV Format Easily convert video to Apple TV format with Encoding.com. Upload videos to our platform from S3, FTP, Rackspace or your local storage and effortlessly Read more

HTTP Live Streaming for Apple Devices

Apple has added a new layer of encoding confusion to the market with HTTP Live Streaming for the iPhone and Quicktime. From Apple's own Developer's Center: “HTTP Live Streaming allows you to send live or prerecorded audio and video to iPhone or other devices, such as iPod touch or desktop computers, using an ordinary Web Read more

How to generate Apple Recommended HTTP Live Streaming Files for Apple iPhone

To generate proper iPhone HTTP live streaming profiles in encoding.com, see the below xml. These settings should be used whenever the user wishes to publish the apple recommended profiles, based on this document: http://developer.apple.com/iphone/library/technotes/tn2010/tn2224.html Note certain settings, which are important to meet the encoding chart from the technical note: size, framerate, audio bitrate, audio sample Read more

How do I Convert Apple TV Video

Apple TV is a device from Apple that enables consumers to distribute media including HD movies, music and photos from their computers to their HDTVs.  It can connect wirelessly to home networks and with a single HDMI cable to the HDTV. Apple TV supports the H.264 codec at various high-resolution and standard bitrates using the Read more

Can Encoding.com create content for mobile devices?

Encoding.com has removed the guesswork for creating dynamic workflows for mobile content. We make it fast and easy to convert to mobile video format. Find the Right Mobile Video Codec for Your Needs Encoding.com has the mobile video codec you seek. Choose from iPhone, iPod, iPad, Blackberry, Droid, Nokia, PSP or Zune. Upload content via Read more

What is HTTP Live Streaming?

HTTP Live Streaming allows streaming of files from the internet to specific devices. Encoding.com’s iPhone video encoding platform produces files that are chunked into many short streams. From there, you can choose many bit rates in order to adapt to the environment in which the stream is played. This allows the viewing environment to adapt Read more

iPhone streaming creating TAR file on output

With TAR output is set to OFF, and should see .m3u8 pointers and .ts segment files populate your output directory. The trick is correctly formatting the output filepath. You have to make sure your output filepath has a filename WITHOUT a 3-character file extension. I had this same problem because I either defined only the Read more