How could I receive real time status updates for my encoding tasks?

If you're wishing to obtain more information about the jobs that you have submitted to our encoding platform, please take a look at the follow calls:  

  • progress
  • progress_current
  • time_left
  • time_left_current

These flags are pulled from the main XML file as indicated below:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
        <!-- [FormatFields] -->
        <s3_destination>[TempS3Link]</s3_destination><!-- optional -->
        <cf_destination>[TempCFLink]</cf_destination><!-- optional -->

TotalTimeLeft is an estimated time until the media processing would be finished
StatusTimeLeft is an estimated time left for the media's current status
TotalProgress is an estimated progress for entire media processing (in percent)
StatusProgress is an estimated progress for the media's current status (in percent)

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