When should I use the ProcessMedia API call?

The ProcessMedia action should only be used for media that has been added with the AddMediaBenchmark call. After the media was downloaded, it will receive a ‘Ready to process‘ status, after which the processing is resumed using ProcessMedia.

Using the Notify Field to Send an Email Notification

Many users wish to use the encoding.com Notify field in the API or under the AddMedia interface to send an email notification to the desired user. In order to do so, please use 'mailto:' before the email address. A sample, correctly formatted, email notification request is:  mailto:helpdesk@encoding.com This will send the notification to helpdesk@encoding.com, which, Read more

HTTP notifications failed in ASP.NET

Assume you specified some notification URL in your AddMedia API request: <notify>http://your.server.com/Notify.aspx</notify> But you see nothing happens. Most often the problem is that your ASP.NET server drops notification HTTP request because it considers the request is ‘dangerous’. To fix this you should set validaterequest = false for this page.