What features are available with the Image 2 Image conversion service?

You’ve got a host of options to consider when submitting images for conversion. Let’s go over some of the basic points: Image Resizing: Set a custom size for your images in HxW or resize proportionally while maintaining fixed height or width. Chose to maintain aspect ratio when resizing. JPEG Quality: Manually adjust the quality of Read more

What types of metadata can I currently add to my encodes?

The following types of metadata are allowed to be added for the following formats: 3gp, appletv, fl9, iphone, ipod, m4a, mp4, wmv, zune. Please note that the length of metatag value can't be greater than 256 characters. This functionality is only supported via AP. title [optional] – Title of the media copyright [optional] – Copyright Read more

DEPRECATED – What is the Encoding.com Desktop Uploader?

July 1st 2016 – The desktop uploader has been deprecated and is no longer available. The Encoding.com Desktop Uploader is a application available for installation on both OSX and PC operating systems and allows easy upload, management and encoding of video files from your desktop to the Encoding.com cloud for processing. Our Encoding.com Desktop Uploader Read more

How do I determine the optimal bitrate for my video?

The optimal bitrate for your video depends many factors including your source video dimensions, type of video/audio codec, framerate, and delivery method. We love the following calculator on Adobe’s site written by Robert Reinhardt: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flash/apps/flv_bitrate_calculator/index.html