Convert Your GIF Files to Video makes it easy to convert GIF files to video, regardless of the size of your project. Our conversion platform is entirely scalable and easy to use. Makes GIF Image Compression Easy GIF image compression has never been easier! Use’s platform to easily convert .jpg, .png or .tiff files to .gif files. Acceptable Read more

Can I have multiple notifications via API?

Unforuntely at this time, the notifications via api field only allows one URL or email address. This can be either an HTTP(S) URL for the script with which the result will be posted, or a mailto: link with email address for which the result info will be sent. Note that this field may be specified Read more

Can I mux video from one file with audio from another?

Can I mux video from one file with audio from another? YES! We now have an mpeg-2 muxing feature that takes two source files and outputs a DVD format mpeg-2 file (PAL or NTSC) Here's a snippet of the XML you would use: Unfortunately, we do not currently support muxing to mpeg-4 output. We also Read more

How can I create multiple output files with your API?

Need to create several flavours of the same file? Not a problem. Upload your main source clip via API, and within the same call, just add in another <format> tag. The best part about this workflow is that you don't have to upload the same source media clip twice, allowing you to cost effectively encode Read more